The district capital is Portalegre and our rural Campingsite Beirã-Marvão Alentejo, is located at a distance of only 27 km from this city, and here all facilities are present.

There’s a part on the outer edge which you can easily reach by car, there the big department stores are located together, from Leclerc to Continente, with inside also Worten, as well the NOS, for your electronics such as an affordable simlock free Mobile, and for your unique construction materials, like faucets and other typical Portuguese materials, as well as specific tools, there is MaxMat.

If you are mainly in search of something, in Portugal, specifically for a garden, or if you just want to know what’s on offer in the area of gardens and kitchen gardens, a visit to the Agriloja, which is also at this shopping mall, is recommendable.

In this area you will find more larger shops, like Intermarche, Lidl, Bricomarche and more.

Next the near stadium you can visit the big market which is held each third sunday and next to that you find a real Kartodrome, where from 16 o’clock untill in the evening karts can be rented. In our guest information we do inform our guest more about this.

The former hospital of Portalegre

Buid in the 16th centrury the former hospital, and at the outside the Chapel Espiritu Santu, you find this baroq stile building next Rossio, the central park of the city.

In the centre of Portalegre you see a big part of the old history as an entrance to the old city core with its narrow shopping streets. Often going steeply up and down, the old cathedral is certainly worth a visit, a neighbourhood where the ancient history shades off into the now present newly built houses.

The ancient city of Portalegre

The central square is of course surrounded by a nice number of little bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy the local and regional dishes, and indeed here again at what we may consider as, very reasonable prices.

The Church from Portalegre

In the historical center of the city you can visit the Sé Cathedral de Portalegre. Built between 1556 and 1575.

Are you in Portalegre, then is a visit to the Carpet Museum, housed in a former convent of the Jesuits, it is definitely worth it to see these carpets.The old Castle of Portalegre

In 1290, by King D. Dinis built castle of Portalegre, played a role in the defense of the northern Alentejo borders. The main tower was added to the castle in the 16th century.

The regional hospital with first aid you will also find in the center.

But there is also  a Centro de Saude in our community. While we arrange for our guests with a GP who has a private practice and he is easily accessible for our guests. If necessary he can make a housecall on the campground.