International Tagus National Park

International Tagus National Park

El Parque Natural Tajo Internacional is one of the few remaining refuges for endangered species living in the Mediterranean forest. Visitors can observe the wildlife in the many tracks and viewpoints of the Park, or even from the Tagus river on board the balcón del Tajo boat. From this tour boat the Tagus river can be admired.

Roman fortifications in Alcantara, Extremadura

Very few places on the on the Iberian peninsula do gather so much on a interesting mix of biodiversity, merging of different cultures, cuisine and a special lifestyle.

The biggest megalithic complex of Western Europe you will find in this unique Park, so near the campsite, it consists of no less than 40 prehistoric monuments, the dolmens

The International Tagus National Park has a very rich flora and wildlife and a ream impressive heritage of culture and artistic elements.

It is located in the Southwest of the province of Cáceres, bordering Portugal with the Municipality of Marvao, in which the campsite Camping Beira-Marvao Alentejo.

In the Park you find the small, but for Extremadura tipical villages of Alcántara, Brozas, Carbajo, Cedillo, Herrera de Alcántara, Membrío, Salorino, Herreruela, Santiago de Alcántara, Valencia de Alcántara and Zarza la Mayor.

As recognition of the very well preserved state, the National Park got its nomination on the 7th July 2006.

In Spain the most important part of the Park are connected with 2 other areas which are protected, the ZEPA in Spanisch, which is the special protected area for birds and the LIC, which area has her importance for the whole comunity, collectively named the Río Tajo y Riberos.

The roman bridge between the old and ancient spain portugal
In 2000 the Parque Natural de Tejo International was declared as a national park by the portuguese, this on their part of this beautiful park.

Regarding the mantainance and conservation of the 25.088 hectares, both countries Spain and Portugal do apply a very well working relationship.

Mediterranean forests formed the rough and real unique landscapes, while rivers pass across everywhere in this Park, the Rio Server is also a supplier for the Tagus. The Sever forms as well the border between Portugal and Spain and which sourche is found near Portagem in the municipality of Marvao, not far from campsite Beira-Marvao Alentejo, and not to forget the impressive river Tagus and their suppliers the Salor and Erjas.

An authentic Roman temple in completely good condition

At the bridge you can see an original Roman temple and you will see how this connection is also built as a fortification. Here you imagine to swim back into the times of the Romans. Here you can practice sunbathing, scuba diving, this lake you will find just past the Roman bridge in Alcantara.

A nice small lake to swim and dive, next to Alcantara

Soon after this bridge you will arrive at a unique “cascate”, with a wonderful lake, surrounded by high cliffs and sloping sandy beach, from where you can swim, dive, enjoy nature and the silence.

It is a awesome landscape with a splendid flora and a amazing wildlife around the river banks and the there by grasslands.

Most of the species are protected, only some of the many we refer, like the Imperial Iberian Eagle, the unique Black Stork, the Golden Eagle, Short-Toed eagle and the beautfrul Partridge Eagle but also the Otter and the Emerald Lizard as well the native river crab.

On the campsite we do have the most imaginative trees featuring international park like the ancient oak tree, but in the international park also the yellow iris are part of the interesting plant species, as well the Cade tree, the Juniperus oxycedrus.