The aerea near Camping Beira-Marvao Alentejo is particularly seen as one hunk of pure nature where you can come enjoy to the fullest.

For many of the guests to the campsite is the ideal place with a very nice amount of sunshine, to recharge your full and nature to experience you. Or that goes through beautiful hiking or taking the best cycling routes, an impression of the unique place in Europe, our region will surely give.

View on Portalegre, when driving from the campsite

Even the district capital Portalegre is so small that one here before the larger village life experience than any fuss whatsoever can show a big city. It is useful to find the larger shops in this town 27 km from the campsite.

Portugal in moving from Spain towards the campsite is the easiest and simplest via Cáceres and Salamanca before then. It is an experience to cross the border of Portugal from its own unique natural landscape of Extremadura, and then are already experiencing how different these two regions together.

A small swimming lake just after the border with Spain

On the underlying pages you will find information about the main elements of nature and municipalities in the region around the campsite.

Castelo de Vide, a lovely village 7 kilometers from the campsite and the unique history of Judaism has a place on our site and that you are staying in two internationally important nature reserves, such as the International Park of the Tagus River and the mountains of São Mamede even being happy to explain to you.

Nice bike and hiking routes along a natural lake in Castelo de Vide, also trail leads past it

The village of Beira located at the campsite is not beaten by her unique station and we give the experiences of motorcyclists by their perception of their camping holiday and driving through the wide area around the campsite.

The sentry of the border, it was formerly called the huge fortress work of Marvao, it is also unique to realize how special the construction of this huge castle to be achieved and what history this building for more than 16 centuries old, it does not have.
Many guests like to also make trips across the border, just enjoy Spain as to the cork museum in San Vicente de Alcántara and visiting the shops and the market in Valencia de Alcántara, the more exploring nature around these places and visiting unique for medieval buildings, including perfectly preserved Roman structures.

The town Alburquerque in Spain, 60 km from the border

The bathing pleasure is not forgotten in this overview with the different pages.

On the other pages you will find all the information which you want – beyond the use of the saltwater swimming pool in the campsite – you can still enjoy more of the waters in the vicinity of the camp, a unique river pool Portagem to the reservoirs of Povoa and Apartadura.

Marvao also part of the routes that have been recorded by Meir Levy guide and are known as de Sefarad routes.

The campsite also has the purpose of being very camper-friendly. Therefore, a number of special camper pitches are also available on the 1st site, which allows a camper to be easily placed. Also in the evergreen hinterland, enough space has been created as beautiful camper areas.

Campers’ camping services also include the availability of a passenger car. A camper is not so easy to drive in the smaller places in Portugal.. To assist the guests of our campsite with a camper or campervan, a smaller vehicle is available. This allows to enjoy more the stay in the beautiful surroundings of the campsite, rides to restaurants, grocery shopping and monuments are visited.

The campsite is also mentioned on a number of routes that groups of campervans do follow and you will also find the campsite on route schedules of campers who prefer to travel individually and have purchased a beautiful route through Spain and Portugal from the various organizations.