Towards Alentejo

Towards Alentejo

The distance by car from Calais – Nord-Pas-de-Calais to Marvão is about 1600 km. Via Bordeaux, Burgos, Salamanca, Guarda en Castelo Branco.

We also meet many guests who prefer the ferry to and from Santander.

From Valladolid and Salamanca you will have a real beautiful and comfortable route, passing Plasencia to Cáceres and then you take the direction of Valencia de Alcántara and from here you continue the same road to the Portugese border. Distance from Cáceres is 100 km over a quiet and easy to drive road.

By airplane, there are several possibilities, via Lisbon, Madrid, Porto or even Faro in the Algarve.

If you come by airplane, then it’s easy to rent a car. To rent from your own country is usually cheaper than renting at the last moment a car from the airport.

By train from Lisbon and Madrid, you can also get very close to our campsite Beirã-Marvão Alentejo. The last traject (from Portalegre) you can get the bus.

The Rede Expressos bus to and from Lisbon even arrives several times a day in Portalegre, Nisa and Castelo de Vide (7 km from the campsite), and doesn’t take much longer than the same trip with your own car. Since 2016 this express bus also has a stop at the entrance of Marvao, but that is further away from the campsite then Castelo de Vide. Of course we can arrange to pick you up at the bus stop in Castelo de Vide. The taxi-drivers will take only 10 to 11 euro to bring you to the campsite.

But also for a visit from the campsite to Lisbon the bus is recommended, it’s cheap and fast and of course you won’t have any kind of problem parking in the capital of Portugal.

Also a nice route with well paved roads to drive is from Madrid through Cácares, or slightly from the south of our location the pleasant Badajoz in the Spanish Extremadura

Some of the many interesting places in distance from our campsite Beira-Marvao:

Beira 3 km – the oldest railway station on the Spanish border, definitely worth a picture

– Barretos 2 km – the closest aldeia to the campsite

Marvão 14 km – the fortress castle with white village at 860 meters at the top of the Serra do Sapoio

Portagem 12 km – with a river pool and some good restaurants

Castelo de Vide 7 km – with a nice center, the Jewish Quarter and a beautiful castle

Portalegre 32 km – the capital of the district

– Campo Maior 72 km – Coffee Factory Delta and also the Coffee Museum and Delta Bodega

– Ponte de Sor 86 km

– Entroncamento 123 km with the regional main railway station, + the Railway Museum

– Elvas 81 km – a large ancient fortress town crowded with authentic military museum

– Évora 134 km – with lots of marble and a very good private outpatient clinic

– Lisbon 239 km – with the old famous citytown, the old traditional authentic trams, the presidential palace together In addition the most famous Belems Cakes, but also the quiet beautiful beaches along the coast where you can stay just a little while.

– Porto 347 km