Winter Time

Winter Time

The campsite can be part of your nice trip to hibernate in southern Europe.

Wintering is possible in the beautiful nature of Alentejo, on our nature campsite with Dutch owners.

For the upcoming months 1/11 – 31/03 we have compiled the lowest winter rate for you. This unique low price for camping in Portugal means only € 220 + el. per month for a pitch with 2 people.

The site is a participant in the SVR – Foundation Free Recreation.

The interest (including reservations) for the coming period is already clearly visible this summer, to avoid disappointment we recommend that you book in advance.

Just send us an email, or call us, we are happy to acommodate your arrival.

Our phone number is +351 935 041 588

It is not required to make a reservation for a period in the fall or winter, as service to the travelling tourists the campsite will remain also open this winter for anyone who wants to discover our – without exaggeration –
beautiful area, however, we must take into account the COVID-19 prevention that we apply, so we cannot guarantee a pitch without a reservation.

Also passing motorhome travellers come to our campsite, just for some beautiful days during their winter tour, or for a few weeks. The campsite is easy to find, right at the border with Spain, just 100 km from Caceres. Again, because of our Corona Prevention, we advise you to book in advance.

Marvao is the border town of Portugal and Spain. Go from here to the Spanish border, you’re already in Extremadura and also the region with the typical Spanish towns, one of them is Valencia de Alcántara. We have all information available for you.

If you book in advance for an “extended period”, you do have the guarantee of a absolute certainty nice spacious at Camping Beira-Marvao Alentejo.

In the winter and early spring, we keep one part of the campsite available for the snowbirds. This is the “upper” terrain with a completely unobstructed view of the immediate surroundings of the campsite, where you also can find the sanitary building.

The number of places for the winter months is not unlimited at our campsite, it’s our choice that we can offer the guests who come here to hibernate all living space, which means that the number of places will be limited.

The campsite offers in this period

  • The kiosk / reception has limited opening hours – the bell always work
  • Fresh bread service, this is 7 days a week
  • Every day can be cooked for the guests, the complete meal can be taken to your caravan or motorhome
  • The campsite has all walking and cycling opportunities in the area
  • Free unlimited wifi in the vicinity of the kiosk, at a small cost per month can also be arranged wifi in your caravan or motorhome
  • GP optionally makes visities on the campground
  • You certainly will stay in a peaceful and safe environment
  • One of the additional services we have for the owners of an RV, which is providing our small car. This is useful if you just want to do some shopping. We do not rent the car, but put him gladly available at a refund of costs.

Watch rare birds, for overserving, photograph them and of course compose a nice film.

Rest seekers and birdwatchers, here the autumn winter and spring period of their lives. In our immediate vicinity be many storks, including even the black stork. But there’s really much more. On our page about birdwatching will find this to all possible information.

The part of the site which is open at this time, with sun provides most benefit them. During the winter the rear part of the property is largely without sun. That is why we keep that area for camping closed. For the guest this can be very handy, for the birdwatcher.

Do you like short or long walks and bike rides, then you’ve come to the right place, we have all the information for you.

If you come during your winter trip in this region, then you know that the campground is opened during late autumn and winter period + during the early spring.

Your dog is welcome, but with the agreement that the guests walks with the dog outside the campground. Right outside the campsite exist beautiful car-free paths.

In order to ensure that every guest can enjoy a green lawn, there are some rules for the use of ground cover under your awning for visitors with a touring caravan or camper with awning.

Only the use of a perforated rubber mat is permitted under your awning. Other materials work stifling for the grass, which is why they are not allowed. Do you have a different type of material, please consult us in advance?

The campsite discounts are never cumulative.