Motorbike holidays

Motorbike holidays

Marvão – the historical municipality in which our campsite is located – is with its well-maintained roads also a great starting point for wonderful tours by motorbike.

nice roads and attractions for the motorcyclist on holiday.

The roads across the Alentejo may be called most excellent for bikers, there is a lot of respect for motor tourists from car owners, – and if you didn’t bring your GPS, the friendly Portuguese will love to show you the way.

Lot of shade for the motorbiker

The vast surroundings, combined with the magnificent nature of Alentejo, invite the bike driving tourists to undertake unique day trips in the beautiful environment, where you can feel alone in this world, but you can also visit cozy little towns and villages in the rich cultural environment of the campsite.

A 1,5 to 2 hour drive and visit to Castelo Branco, is also truly worth the trouble. You will pass the Tague and experience splendid nice roads through nature.

You easily can bring the motorbikes by trailer to the campsite

For this year we have created already some nice to visit places and the owner of the engine will meet a nice motorcycle vacation to put on the map. There are some new routes for motorcyclists added, away from the traditional roadmaps, but maps based on the experiences we ourselves have gained on the way.

Nice safe roads for bikers arround the campground

The campsite you find in north-east Alentejo, against the Spanish border with Extremadura, where the roads are also very well suited for motorcyclists, offers many spacious places.

For larger groups of motorcyclists there is beautiful large rear area on our Camping Beirã-Marvão Alentejo available, where you can include yourself as motorcycle enthusiasts are. As a motorcyclist you enjoy a lower rate on our site, with larger groups we like to speak for longer stays a special overnight rate with you.

Nice pits for groups of motorbikers on holiday in Portugal

Food and drinks on the  campsite are no problem, besides hearty breakfasts we like to prepare a variaty of dinner. Whole day through a real Burger special with fries can be served as a great snack.