Kitchen – Bar

Kitchen – Bar

Alentejo has always been a region with many crops of grain, but in the beautiful rolling Alentejo plains (Planicie) are also large numbers of pigs kept that lovely free to rummage among the olive trees and cork oaks.

The Alentejo cuisine can rightfully be called one of the most tasteful of Portugal, while it is based on its bread, olive oil and pork.

The delicious flavors in the dishes is determined by the many herbs that Alentejo – in the wild – growing – wonderfully lush and from south to north Alentejo is the soup or a significant part of the big meal in the middle of the day. Besides the Abobora, this is the pumpkin soup, often a salt cod soup, the well seasoned tomato soup, even well seasoned sausages. A widely eaten dish and certainly a real delicacy is the ensopado borrego, or a real stuffed with lamb stew.

The “regular” Portuguese family eats a lot of times  a simple but delicious breadsoup, which is called the Acorda Alentejana. On our campsite we can even prepare a nice breakfast with a South American recipe, which is a dish of milk with bread, eggs, herbs and (yes) real sea salt.

A perfect pick-me to handle the party of the night before and what you do all day again against it let go. In autumn, winter and spring we have also regularly the real Migas.

From our kiosk and home kitchen we prepare a complete meal for you.

Dinertime at the campsite in Portugal

We also have tasty snacks.

Royal Hamburger can be served on the campground

A Burger Royal with fries we can prepare whole day.

Every day fresh bread service.
The baker brings 7 days a week every morning with freshly baked Portuguese bread on the campsite. The tasteful mistura bread 400g, the papossecos (white rolls) and integral (solid brown rolls). If you ordered before 8 o’clock the evening, the baker who bakes the ordered and we get that as provided for approximately 9 hours.

Portuguese Patisserie
The real Portuguese delicacies from the Alentejo region – Eclair with pudding – pastry with ginger – genuine Portuguese Pastel de Nata – Berliner globe – Milfolhas with chocolate and pudding – Queijado the region – Sugar Déus (cake with coconut) – Boleimas with apple filling and cinnamon – Palmier (puff shape of heart with pudding in between) – Feijão – Tranca (with pudding on it) – Croissant with chocolate – Croissants without fillings – Folhada the Maça (puff pastry with pudding and apple slices) – savory snacks such as Pastel the carne, well stocked with grilled chicken – Savory Pastel with vegetables – and the Misto (with ham and cheese).

From late November until about the month of May we have a fixed address of a local goat farmer, with delicious freshly made goat cheese for you. Which you can pick up yourself.

A local beekeeper does sell the perfect honey.

Not far from the campsite you will find a butcher, from the normal chop to the huge costeletas, say the more famous T-bone steak. If you want a much wider choice of meat products, we can recommend a visit to the nearby Valencia de Alcantara.

There are over just about 8 butchers, carnecerias, with a wide range. Biting something other than the Portuguese side of the border, but that is the beauty of our location, you can see both in Portugal and in Spain, what of your liking.

For larger groups, we also like to create a tasty buffet on the campsite.

Comfortable life for chickens means better eggs on the campsite

Do not forget the fresh eggs from our chickens.

Apart from these daily groceries in Portugal, it is possible – as long as the stock it allows – to taste something of our own genuine pure olive oil, which is cold pressed. We are pleased to show you the oliveoil, you will see with spirit and all our olive trees at your pitch, is processed in a traditional manner and as genuine pure natural oil comes in the bottle that you can take from our Camping Beira-Marvao Alentejo .

Want a different choice, in several villages near our campsite Beira-Marvão Alentejo you will find a nice number of bars and restaurants with a fine Portuguese kitchen at very nice prices to enjoy, just like the Portuguese population, of all the good which comes from the region.

We have some yummy local snacks from the kitchen, which can range from delicious rissóis filled with leitão (lean sucking pig meat) or with tasty camarão (shrimps) and croquettes.

We can always frie French fries for you and if you want we prepare a real Thuringian sausage with curry for you.

In Marvao is every year held an edition of “Food d’Olive”. During e weeks this event is devoted to food products that are related to the olive oil, under the name “The good taste of Marvão.” You can enjoy menus, developed from the traditional cuisine, the olive oil, even with classic contemporary cuisine, fine Mediterranean diet and the presentation of emerging regional cuisine with these unique products.

One of the greatest pleasures of life, the taste of a good meal. With this belief Marvão celebrates the feast with one of the best and healthiest products on earth: the olive oil.

This gastronomic festival starts at the middle of February with a traditional lunch in Porto de Espada, which is accompanied by a tasting of olive oil and olives, tibornas, cod and corn porridge. The welcoming event will take place in Porto de Espada, in the main square, among songs and music of the folk group Folclórico Rancho from Santo Antonio das Areias.

The producers from Marvão give a presentation of the olive oil, cooked olives, tarts based on olive oil, many garden products, fine wine and the best compot not lacking. Also nuts, figs and other dried fruits from the orchards can be tasted.

Gourmet 14-day runs from mid to late February, with 11 participating restaurants in the town of Marvão. In the participating restaurants you can enjoy a variety of dishes, such as the Alentejo bread soup, fried cod with olive oil and garlic, breadcrumbs fried in olive oil with ribs, chicken fried in olive oil or cake with olive oil and honey, and toasted and fresh white bread.

All Alentejo has about 150 relatively small winemakers who produce their unique wine with Talha, Marvao does have 34 of this unique wine producers within the boundaries.

The Talha, the handmade vase that produced the wine in the millennia-old traditional way

Vinho da Talha is a wine that is produced according to ancient traditions. Alentejo is the Portuguese region with most producers this dating method from Roman times to produce their fine wine.

Wine Production as the Romans still did in the big hand baked vases, the Talha

The talhas, the handmade big jugs, you see the front of the campsite, of 400 liters and smaller. These jars are no longer manufactured and therefore represent a unique heritage.

In 2017 a process put in motion to certify and then the route is chosen for this wine, which is made in the traditional way, by letting it recognize by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage.

At the campsite, you can of course taste both red and white wine from this region.

Campingaz service, bottles are available on the campsite

We have Campingaz bottles in stock