The Campground

The Campground

The beautiful nature Campsite Beira-Marvao Alentejo consists of a 3 hectare estate with various fruit trees, cork oaks, eucalyptus, chestnut trees and the orchard with 140 olive trees.

Every year we pick the olives for them to squeeze our organic olive oil, until now it was possible to obtain the extra virgin quality every year. Olive oil is very healthy, it is completely cholesterol-free. As long as supplies last, it is possible the pure olive oil – extra virgin – to obtain from our own olive trees, you will get the real cold-pressed olive oil.

We have planted several varieties fruit trees and fruit-bearing shrubs, such as orange and navels – Mandarins – small and large figs – different kinds of apples, even goudreinet apples – cherries – apricots – peaches – raspberry – nesperas (a sweet tropical fruit you with cinnamon eat) – various types of plums – nectarines and more.

You can also find big cork oak trees, called here also sombreros on the campsite. The cork is removed once every 9 years and some of these trees on the campground are hundreds of years old.

These trees are decisive for the natural environment and country landscape, there is almost 30 thousand hectares as the protected Natural Park Serra de São Mamede.

At the entrance to the campsite, you find our kiosk / reception, this we have combined with a cozy patio for your morning coffee, cappuccino, cold beer, wine.

Here we serve – in the season 7 days a week – from our new kitchen also your meal. That can be a full meal, “off the map”, but we can also prepare with pleasure savory snacks for you.

If your want, you can take your meal to your tent, caravan or motorhome.

To bring your bread with you, you do not need, the baker brings every morning (on time) that night freshly baked bread along. What you ordered the night before, you get delivered before 9 am.

There is also a huge selection of typical Portuguese sweet and savory snacks. These are made to order for you and gets in the morning delivered from the baker’s oven.

For the campers with a tent, caravan or trailer, we have some day-parking, so not all day need to be driven around the campinggrounds, which of course is nice for the well-deserved rest at the campsite. As a camper you know yourself better than anyone that it is rated as a minimized number of cars are driving past your spacious campsite.

The access path takes you to the first ground, which the front section is designed with RV spots for the bigger motorhomes and the short-term detainees. It is clearly more than just a camperplace, we’d let everyone get the most out of our campsite.

From this whole area you have a beautiful view on your ideal vacation environment, nature, the beautiful mountains with their varied tropical vegetation on the other side you can see the imposing Castle of Marvao which in the evening is a illuminated fairytale.

Between this campsite and the access road you will see  a plot again the proud old olive trees and the donkeys, that is a large stable with around all the land for the donkeys.

On the campsite there are a number of taps for drinking water and there is a new sanitary building with toilets, showers with hot and cold water, sinks with mirrors.

On the outside of the toilet block, you find a number of typical Portuguese wash basins to do your  laundry. Of course, a large rotary dryer is available. For the dishes are a number of “sinks” present.

There is a tap with hot water.

There is a washing machine available, your laundry can be done.

For the disposal of the chemical waste from the campers and caravans is a separate dump possibility, so that the biological activity of the septic will not be disturbed by the chemicals. This again will also help preserve the environment a hand.

After the first terrain of the campsite, whit a pleasant delicious breeze, is an area with tall eucalyptus trees that provide natural cooling. Outside the cooling shade, you can also stay in the sun on the nature terrace. Here you have a view at the new saltwater pool.

After the saltwater pool is a spacious different camping grounds, which is a large flat terrain. Again, sufficient electricity connections and water points. In high summer this area in the evening cooler than the first campsite.

The lighting on the campground is mounted lower to the ground. Because every night the sky turns into a beautiful painting with the many millions of large- and small stars twinkling in the then intense deep black sky so you can enjoy the magnificent view.

During the summer you can see the planets Saturn and Mars and other stars clearly with the naked eye, and then you can realize the rotation of the earth.

Due to the absence of air and light pollution, you can enjoy a unique starry, including a brilliant galaxy, the Galaxy, which is unique here for your photographing and filming.

The campsite is a perfect location in the unspoilt countryside of Portugal. with almost all year through a relatively green bottom. We do our best to keep it as green as possible with our guests. There are parking lots, so the tent area is also a real field for only the tents and camping so there is a lot more fun for you.

The last part of the campsite is fresh green almost all year round, because the natural mountain spring, where the crystal-clear spring water comes from the mountains, situated at the campsite at the end of the second campground and thereby keep the soil’m fresh.

From this area – which is also very nice for the long(er) campervans – you cann’t see the road that runs along our campsite Beira-Marvão Alentejo -, you stay is really in the nature of and around the campsite.

In high season is in Portugal open fire not allowed (which may in those months nowhere in Portugal) and thecharcoal barbecues also belongs to it. BBQ on electrical plate and gas are of course allowed on the campsite.

The Portuguese camping, with clean facilities, accommodate campers with large and small tents, even as we have experienced with the SUV, RV, Campers, even if they are longer than 10 meters, large and small caravans with and without tent, caravans, campervans.

Small but spacious

Camping Beira-Marvao Alentejo is decorated on a small scale, but where desired with the amenities of a large campsite area and the latter translates easily into a lot of space for our guests. The RV sites and tent sites are not tightly marked.

But also in the plumbing, the large rain showers, the sinks with large mirrors and also with sufficient power supplies has been thought of comfort for campers.

For drinking water you never have far to go, there are a large number of taps on the campsite.

There is Wi-Fi for unlimited internet access. Fiberglass has not yet reached our area, so we have beginning in 2017 installed our own satellite connection, so that guests of the campground can download their mails and newspaper with the necessary speed. The free Wi-Fi zone is the area of the reception.

Pets are welcome but must be kept on a leash, while we kindly ask the owners to accept the applicable rules.

Near the campsite you have a lot of  opportunities to go hiking with your pet and a little further you can also let your dog free. You always bears the responsibility for the behavior of your dog.

It is of course wise to have take into consideration that sheep and goats graze outside the campsite. Formally, in accordance with the law, the dogs must be kept on a leash, but that is the case in all countries.

Camper Service: The toilet of your caravan can be emptied next to the toilet block in the prepared cistern.

Guests receive an assembled information guide by us on arrival – in addition to the many hiking cycling and car routes – and all the relevant information for a pleasant as possible stay of all guests.

If you come with a camper and you want to visit a place near the campsite, or do your shopping, you can leave your camper safely on the campsite. You can use the courtesy car service we like to offer you with a smaller passenger car, which makes it easier for you to drive to the nice sights. For this we have a passenger car available, easy to drive over the narrower roads.

You can easily reach places where you can not drive the camper. It can be a lot easier to do a small car village, where the camper has to be more difficult to maneuver.

You can of course also use this small passenger car to do your daily groceries so that you can leave your camper in a safe place, so you do not have parking problems in the centers of towns and villages.

The campsite with Dutch owners is located on the Estrada de Castelo de Vide near the village of Beira in the town of Marvao.