Many guests of the campsite like to visit a local market in Portugal and Spain.

There are quite a few to mention markets and some very young, but they can be just as cozy. Some markets are held every week and others once a month.

Apalhao – market – 1st Thursday of the month

Castelo de Vide – market every Friday + last Friday of the month, the major market + fresh produce at the Mercado Municipal

Marvao – every Wednesday a small market

Nisa – 2nd Thursday of the month – market

Portalegre – every Wednesday small indoor market at Mercado Municipal

Portalegre – last Saturday – Antique Market in Mercado Municipal

Portalegre – 3rd Sunday – Great Gypsy Market

Sao Salvador de Aramenha – 1st Tuesday of the month – small market

Santo Antonio das Areias – Saturday – small market

Tolosa – market – last Sunday of the month

Valencia de Alcantara – market – every Monday – lively fresh market and non-food


Nisa – 2nd Sunday January Feira de Janeiro

Tolosa – 4th Sunday february – Feira de Fevereiro

Apalhao – 1st Sunday april – Feira de Abril

Nisa – 2nd Sunday june – Feira das Cerejas (Sao Joao)

Apalhao – 2nd Sunday of July – Feira de Julio

Tolosa – 4th Sunday august – Feira do Agosto

San Vicente de Alcantara – late September – Feira de San Miguel

Nisa – Sunday, October 2nd – Feira do Outubro (Sao Miguel)

Apalhao – 3rd Sunday november – Feira do Novembro

Manual labor in the region

Arraiolos carpets and tapestries and unique embroidery of Nisa

All possible Forged utensils

Hand painted furniture

Leather-made objects

Cork-made objects – from wallet to hats and bags

Halters, saddles and other utensils for donkey and horse

Painted pottery and glass, including the famous Portuguese tiles