The middle of a beautiful nature situated Camping Beira-Marvao Alentejo is a unique starting point for not only the lovers of beautiful walks through the unique nature of the Portuguese Natural Park Serra de São Mamede.

Also with a couple or in a group cycling in the surrounding natural environment is an event that will not be forgotten so quickly.

For undertaking especially nice walks with a look at a nature that knows no equal and with so many authentic sites, the campground is the ideal point for a real hiking, for which all the ingredients are present.

The protected natural park Serra de São Mamede has some beautiful hiking trails for you, of course we have this very beautiful walks available free for you.

In addition to the marked trails for hikers of which we, the cards have available to you, we too have some beautiful trails just for you, there are trails for recreational individual walker, the walker who wants to make more sporting trips, including camping is good starting point for hikers groups.

There is and will be considered by us to the quiet recreational cyclists, which we do see as a plus the electrically powered bicycle, but of course there are also routes combined for genuine sporty mountain biker. See our page on Cycling Alentejo.

For recreational walkers are the appropriate composite routes less steep and therefore very well suited in the warmer season to do.

The number of free available walking routes has increased to an impressive number.

Outside routes from the site or very close to leave, are also trails in the slightly broader region available, bringing the number of free routes again is extensive.

At the reception, you can absolutely free meekrijgen these routes and this way you can enjoy more of the beautiful surroundings and to make spectacles of nature with which you would not have been this in mind.

Several times a year, are organized walks rather like the famous Smugglers Route between Portugal and Spain. Also this trail we added on a map.

Also several nice places in the area we have convenient maps with useful addresses and places of interest for you, while we will also of course about as the scenic route to the Marvao frontier with Spain by El Pino Mountains to the present there pre-historic drawings which have the interpretation of 5500 to 1000 years BC.

Also from the campsite to, in and around the quaint little town of Castelo de Vide – 7 km away from the campsite is the ancient Roman port a access to this unique walled market town – its beautiful cycling and walking routes available.

From a stroll through the historic center of the attractive town do not forget to visit the famous Jewish quarter of the historic town of Alentejo. Castelo de Vide is part of a great network of Jewish cultural heritage.

C de Vide is the place where you as a camping guest met a more effervescent send life, there are many restaurants and bars with nice terraces and is only 7 km from the campsite. In this town you will also find most shops for doing your shopping and 1 time per week there is a lively market for clothing, footwear, of course, all kinds of pots, pans and useful things to antiques.

A number of starting points for hiking are close to our campsite Beira-Marvão Alentejo – some other “terminal or departures” are a bit further away, but we keep it restricted to the direct area of ??the campsite.

There are already several Dutch walking clubs who organized a pleasant stay at Camping Beira-Marvao Alentejo as walking holidays in Portugal with a group of hikers.

There is in this part of Portugal much more to see and do than many a holidaymaker would have thought upon arriving in this beautiful region of Portugal, we ourselves had – when we came to live here – the same thoughts and we will inform you of course happy about it.

In the vicinity of the site you will find many santas and dolmens. Also menhirs are left over from history. One of these menhirs stands near the site and is the largest ever found in the whole Iberian continent. Along here we have mapped out a beautiful cycling route. Even the smallest menhir can be viewed within walking or cycling distance of the campsite.

1000 meters away from the site of the Necropolis of Mouta Raza can be visited,

These unique vestiges of earlier centuries BC, consists of 13 graves.

These (detected by us) 13 graves have been chiseled from granite stones. The word nebula comes originally from the Greek and means the city of the dead.

It is a slightly larger cemetery, which formerly was built near the ancient civilizations, including here in Beirã, near the castle of Marvão.

Near encountered defined cemetery 13 graves we have more of these ancient tombs in granite in the books.

Two of them are even covered with a stone slab. Elsewhere in Europe has been calculated that these tombs have an origin from 2500 BC. These prehistoric graves near the camp, are in excellent condition and shows how people used to bury the dead.

Also a very well-preserved – 17th – 18th century – chafurdao of Mouta Raza is within walking distance of the campsite.

These were built in the early Middle Ages. The interior has a diameter of 3.5 meters and if you look around, you see that there really is in this form of early construction really was lived. This historic house has three windows that are facing south and especially the roof of seemingly loose stones lying flat – without extra support – is a masterpiece of history.

Between the municipalities of Marvão and Castelo de Vide you can find a new hiking route, the so-called donkey path, this natural hiking trail is about the historical original roads of Castelo de Vide and Marvao vv and has good marks. And we have a route for you from the campsite which leads to a convenient base from which you can choose either to walk to Marvao, or the other side, to Castelo de Vide.

On the campsite are also free trails available that for older recreational cyclist can be done very well, which are routes that are less strongly rising and fall,

We now have dozens of unique hiking trails, bike routes, car routes and maps available for guests.

At Campsite Beira-Marvao Alentejo you have no special transportation needed for walkers or cyclists, we have now dozens of different trails for hikers, bikers and lovers of Portuguese cuisine also a nice route added to a cooperative restaurant where our guests a warm welcome his.

With the free trails we have available for our campsite guests, you once again come to places that would otherwise remain unknown.

In several places around the campsite, the municipality has introduced a speed limit so that you can also safely hike and cycle, hikers and cyclists are very welcome.

Of course we are always there for you, if you want our help during a walk or bike ride, which may be a telephone advice or other means of assistance. Your call to the site is adequate.