Cultural Events

Cultural Events

The sunny Alentejo is rich in flora and fauna, culture and history that not only goes back to the 4th century. With more traditions than many might think. Remains of the even earlier ages are visible, but visible history goes back much further. Granite chopped individual graves of BC. Cemeteries and unique structures and bildings from early 18th century, such as choças and chafurdâos you can See. Also pre-historic monuments such unique megalithic sites, menhirs and dolmens.

The more recent history, the limestone quarries and hand-built ovens and large quarries where granite was cut out.

Here you can See a small list of what you can do here in this sun-drenched part of Portugal. In addition to these events, there are heaps of smaller local festivities, which we will publish here for you.

There are also festivals and gigs that you can almost hear on the last pass, often comes a poster to the campsite.

At the campsite you will find on the notice board at the reception always a overview of the events during the period of your stay.

Of course we can inform you personally about the details and if you want,we make some reservations for you.

Gastronomic specialties

Pork, the Bifana at Alentejan prepared and the migas

Bread, cut into cubes and wet a little bit. One of the seasonings is: fresh chorizo ​​into cubes, these will be simmered in olive oil along with garlic cloves, so that the oil takes on the taste of the meat and the garlic. The bread Rullen in the oil, salt and paprika through it and you have a hearty and healthy breakfast

Chestnut Bread and pastry manufactured in Marvao for several years

The Coriander Bread

The wonderful olive oil, extra virgin, so purer and more organic simply can not.
Did you know that per year per head in Portugal 7.1 liters of olive oil is consumed?

Coelho (Rabbit) and lepra (Hare)

The regional soups, such as nutritious Alentejana and Pumpkin (Abobora)

Desserts with egg white and the egg yolk as the base

Beautiful cheese from Nisa – Évora and Serpal, but also the fresh goat cheese from our immediate environment

Honey – from local beekeepers – clean, honest and organic

Red and white wines from Borba, Redondo, Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito and of course the local producers near the campsite.

Did you know that bottled more than 750 million bottles of wine in Portugal each year?

Marvao within the municipality, which covers an area of 152 km2, we count 34 producers of this unique wine.

This is a wine that is made in unique jars. A traditional method used also two thousand years ago and make this art of wine is also still used.

Romans making the original wine in jars

On the page Kitchen and Bar you will find information about this Vinho da Talha with the preparation method from the Roman period.

Regional cultural festivals

January – Marvao – For two weeks have all restaurants in Marvao their own card with wild meat

March – Beja – the Ovibeja Agricultural Fair – Feira Agrícola e the Animação

March – Beira (Marvao) – Slaughter Party – everyone is invited to participate a meal in three parts with the population

March – Santo António das Areias (Marvao) – Slaughter Party – everyone is invited to participate in the meal in three parts with the population

March – Sao Salvador de Aramenha – (Marvao) – Slaughter Party – everyone is invited to participate in the meal in three parts with the population

Late March – early April – Castelo de Vide – Semana Santa – begins on Palm Sunday with processions

April 25 – all the municipalities of Portugal festivities celebrating the Carnation Revolution in 1974

April – Castelo de Vide – 40-80 kilometers BTT track in the mountains, hills and plains around C de Vide, the village 7 km from the campsite

April – Marvão – Easter – 2 Weeks Gourmet attention to Lamb and Goat meat – traditional food in our area – various events, performances folk song and dance groups to markets with traditional local products from the “garden”, liqueurs, compotes, wine, olive oil, honey and true art pieces of homework.

May – Alandroal – Semana do Guadiana

May 1 – Valencia de Alcántara – Los Mayos – The arrival of the month of May is celebrated on the 1st Saturday of the month.

May – Marvao – Two weeks have all restaurants within the town Marvao their own card with cod dishes

May 15 – Valencia de Alcántara – Cheerful holiday – Colorful festive procession with anything that moves, carriages, wagons, horses, accompanied by street orchestras. In honor of San Isidro – advice is there too in the morning

June – Évora – São João de Feira – Merry festival with a history of over 500 years

June – Marvao – Largadas the Toiros, no Quartel da Associação Humanitarians do Bombeiros Voluntarios

June – Marvao – Festival de Música Popular do Cantareias

June – Porto da Espada (Marvao) – Sardinhada de S. João – Portus Gladii

June – a year alternately Nisa and C de Vide – Orienteering – National Sprint Championships – National Championship at the Half distance – by unspoilt nature and partly through the streets of the old castles – under the auspices of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF)

June – Santo Antonio das Areias (Marvao) – Large Festival Folk dance and music

June – Castelo de Vide – first days of the month – Feast in honor of the Senhora da Alegria – with procession

June – Castelo de Vide – National Championship Paragliden- (Gliding

July – Castelo de Vide – Music for Youth

July – Evora – The Classical Music Festival

July – Monsaraz – village in the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz Open Museum

July – Marvao – International Classical Music Festival – FIMM

Currently, the FIMM is already a highlight on the Portuguese and European cultural calendar. The the last 10 days of July are occupied by an exceptional musical program with top musicians from Portugal and from over the world. The aim of the FIMM is to become the largest classical music festival in Portugal and one of the most important in Europe, bringing to Marvão, Alentejo, people from all over the world to witness the unique beauty of this scenery with rare characteristics: cultural heritage, like the Roman City of Ammaia, and nature, the Natural Park São Mamede Mountain, in which you also find Campground Beira-Marvao Alentejo.

August – 2nd week – Castelo de Vide – Andanças – big dance spectrum inside and right at this nice village – we serve as a campsite for participants in Andanças who wish for a peaceful overnight stay.

August – Castelo de Vide – Folklore Festival in honor of Senhora da Alegria

August – Povoa e Meadas (C de Vide) Folklore Festival with focus on culture

August – Portagem – Marvão and Valencia de Alcantara – Boda Regia – always on the first days of August. many tastings, presentation of the region of both the Spanish and the Portuguese side.

August – Alvarrões (S. Salvador de Aramenha – Marvao) – Popular festival in honor of Nª. Sra. da Conceição

August – Barretos (Beria – Marvao) – Popular festival in honor of Nª. Sra. Das Dores – Barretos

August – S. Salvador de Aramenha (Marvao) – Popular festival in honor of Nª. Sra. do Amparo

August – Portagem (Marvao) – Popular festival in honor of Nª. Sraª. da Rocha

August – Porto da Espada (Marvao) – Popular festival in honor of the Honra the Nª. Sra. das Dores

August – Povoa and Meadas (C de Vide) – Summer Party of Povoa and Meadas

August – Valencia de Alcantara – late August – Fiesta San Bartolomé – in honor of the patron of this town

September – Castelo de Vide – in the first week – 4 days every afternoon until late evening, a large festive market in medieval atmosphere.

September – Marvão – Feast in honor of Our Lady of the Estrela – procession

October – Marvão – The Al Mossassa – 3 days – a grand medieval Islamic festival in the rustic atmosphere of the Middle Ages – semi-parallel celebrated together with the Spanish town of Badajoz with great attention to the Islamic culture and the person of Ibn Marwan, the ” founder “of the two fortress works.

October – Marvão – 22nd of the month – 18th Trial National Championship CNCR – soapbox race – as fast as possible down the mountain.

October – Marvão: Feira do Livro in the Casa da Cultura – Book

November – Alter do Cão – Balloons Festival

November – Marvão – Feira da Castanha Marvão – The biggest Chestnut Festival in Portugal.
The purpose of this event is to give attention to the products of the region, the chestnut, the fruit and nuts, its use in the processing of foodstuffs, confectionery and regional crafts of it. There are more than 80 arts and crafts exhibitors – producers of fruits and vegetables, the best cheese from the region in which the campsite is located, the famous regional sausages, delicious liqueurs and tasty cakes to jams of natural products. The roasted chestnuts are not lacking, of course, are also each year artists who will be happy to entertain with fun their animation and Portuguese popular dances. There is bread, baked from chestnut flour (all year available)

In the fall and winter months remains open the camping. During the beautiful chestnut festival, you can stay at Camping Beira-Marvao Alentejo.

November – Marvao – For two weeks have all restaurants in Marvao their own card with chestnut dishes

November – Borba – the marble of the town – the week of the Festa da Vinha e do Vinho