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Unwind and relax during your earned camping holiday

The rustic campsite – with Dutch owners – is open all year round

Of course also during the coming months (with our special offer). We have various hygienic applications to keep your and our safety to the maximum. We have also – although the places have always been very spacious – handed in 30% of the available space to offer each guest even more freedom and of course that safety.

Reservations are never required with us, but it is very handy during this period. We do not charge any costs for this service, it is completely free.

Our spectacular low camping rates, the lowest in Portugal and Spain, also apply for the coming winter months.

You will find the campsite – with also spacious pitches for campervans – on the border with Spain – against the natural region Extremadura – via Salamanca only 100 km from Cáceres – 90 km from Badajoz – 70 km from Elvas and 120 km from Evora.

Costumes from Alentejo

Marvão: One of the 1000 miracles of nature that one must have visited

G P S :

DD,ddddd           39.42769             -7.38586


DD,MM,SS             N 39°25’40”             W 07°23’08”

DD.MM,mmm         N 39 25.661           W 7 23.152

you can also instruct your GPS with: Marvao (Beira) – Estrada de Castelo de Vide

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The campsite with a nice swimming pool is located in the Portuguese nature park Serra de São Mamede, the many unexplored parts of the unexpectedly unique North Alentejo in Portugal. But at the same time also within the International Nature Park The Tagus.

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On our campground we created 33 very spacious pitches on 30.000 m2. But with relatively a lot more facilities, it is located in the middle of the beautiful nature of the protected natural park, in which you are only surrounded by the magnificent, preserved flora and fauna.

The mountains in the Natural Park Serra de São Mamede constitute the look of this magnificent, nature rich part of the Alentejo, the high mountains are alternated by hillyplains and it’s the perfect area to discover the archeological remains of the former presence of people from earlier distinctive historical periods.

The river basin of Rio Sever, which largely marks the border with Spain, is a source of research for many archaeologists. That’s also logical, because of course there was a place where there was also water. Even at just a few hundred meters from the campsite you can see the often unknown archaeological treasures.

The National Park is located south of the Tagus River (Tejo), where you can enjoy (from Lisbon or Castelo Branco over the N18 or A23 – direction Portalegre) at the crossing of a magnificent river view.

Birds belonging to the richness of the environment

The highest point of the Serra de Sao Mamede park is at 1025 meters above sea level.

The Tagus River area is also part of what you can experience as our guest. Elsewhere on this website we also included information about.

The beautiful mountain range of the Serra de Sao Mamede, with its preserved flora and fauna acts as a barrier to condensation, creating a microclimate with a level of precipitation and humidity higher than in the surrounding areas, and therefore has originally a rich and above all diverse vegetation.

The unspoilt hilly mountains of the protected Serra de São Mamede Nature Park form the face of this beautiful natural part of the Alentejo, and these beautiful high mountains, up to 1000 meters, are alternated by the typical Alentean hilly plains, which are in the Portuguese is called “Planicie”.

The immediate surroundings of the campsite offer a wealth of archaeological remains from far before Roman times. Here you can discover the past presence of people from earlier distinctive historical periods. There are many remains not only from the early Middle Ages, but also very far, history goes back to prehistoric periods.

The northern part of the National Park is dominated by chestnut and oak trees, and as you go further south, you will find the holm oak forests as well, and of course the traditional cork-oak trees. But also in the close vicinity of our Campsite Beira-Marvão Alentejo you will find many cork oaks.

To be able to discover the many treasures of this protected area, the national park has organised five perfectly walkable footpaths. For the guests of the campsite we added a nice number of unique hikingcycling and car / motor routes. On our prepared “hiking page” you will read more about it.

Not so many bird species in the wider region and around the vicinity of the campsite

Along the easy access routes you will see many antiquities, but you will also be able to admire the enormously varied vegetation. But the very rare birds of prey, such as the vale vulture, the pork and Bonelli eagle – the Havikarend are the symbol of the protected nature park. Also a special bird-watching page for birdwatchers can be seen, here you will find an image about our campsite itself and our unique environment for birdwatchers.

With a bit of luck you will also see a wild boar or a deer walk, which, thanks to the efforts to reconstruct their habitats, has now returned to the Serra de São Mamede. Not far from the campsite is a property with a nice number of deer that you can observe well from the long road. Regularly, we also see beautiful foxes in the area, which cross a road or a country in peace, they are also part of this natural environment, where you also encounter the mango test. These animals do not even bother themselves, so nature loving behaves this beautiful environment for their own living environment.

Archaeological sites

Also prehistoric tombs with burial can be found very close to Camping Beira-Marvao Alentejo.

But if you are (or more) interested in the archaeological heritage of the Iberian Peninsula then the places like Portalegre, the district capital, Castelo de Vide and Alegrete with their beautiful country houses and monasteries are a real treat to visit. Here and in the vicinity you try the aristocratic life as it was part of the daily life of that time.

A magnificent example is the Herdade Perreiro, a truly aristocratic estate just a few kilometers from the campsite. This unique estate is located on the Rio Sever, which also forms the border with Spain. It is also a landscape typical of Alentejo.

We went there and created several nice hiking and cycling routes for you.

But the real cultural gift you will receive near our campsite Beira-Marvão Alentejo, when you visit the current archaeological excavations of Ammaia in our municipality Marvão. Elsewhere on this website you will find more information about this, in view of archaeology, important location.

The surroundings of the campsite in this protected natural park are characterised by many nice small restaurants, often run by families, with the mother of the house wielding the sceptre in the kitchen. You may enjoy many tasty regional delicacies, such as lamb stew, roast sucking pig and the delicious desserts, like boleima, of course, cakes and a traditional serradura, a typical portuguese pudding. In several restaurants inside the municipality Marvao you can also find chestnut cakes.

This and a lot more, we’re pleased to offer you from our campsite, in the next pages you find all information which we’ve gathered for you with pleasure. We’ll be happy to give you more detailed information after your arrival at our campsite.Small-scale farmers working man with cart and mule towards his country piece

A campsite, here known as the Parque de Campismo e Carvanismo Beirã-Marvão Alentejo, in one of the most magnificent areas of the Serra de São Mamede Nature Park. Where the former agriculture is still practised today, and actually may be referred to as a separate culture, your nostalgic feelings are bound to resurface during your vacation with us.

After all, what’s more beautiful than still being able to see a farmer, agricultor at work, still going to work with a donkey or muleto provide his whole family with potatoes, vegetables and fruits for most of the year.

But because of the location, the campsite is also located within the International Tagus Naturepark, another unique piece of nature in Europe which has no equal. Here you can enjoy both, the portugese national as well as the international nature park which “comes from” Spain.

We look forward to seeing you on our Nature Campsite with salted water Swimming Pool, in Beirã-Marvão!

If you want to make timely reservations for your own pit, we kindly ask you to use the reservation form.

But an e-mail, or if you prefer to give us a call of course will be welcome as well. Under “Route and Contact” you will find all our data.

Naturally we can guarantee you a spacious campground and all services in your own language.

We speak English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and Portugese, which means we like to serve you with all information about the campsite, the near situated castle and the many events and historical points of interess, in your own language, English.

We are very happy to experience that already after the first years our campsite near Santo Antonio das Areias, within the municipality Marvao, we can see coming again the guests who where here in our first years.

We composed – also in the english language, a large number of walking and cycling routes. We also created maps of the most important places in the immediate vicinity, as Marvao, Castelo de Vide and Santo Antonio das Areias, showing the many interesting sites, we inserted also the shops, the butcher, baker, ATM and restaurants.

Tel (00351) 935 041 588

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Enjoy Portugal – Discover Alentejo !

The campsite is also suitable for larger groups.

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Individual Hikers or the hiking club who want to walk with their own walking group, feel yourself at home with the campground as a direct base.

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